2 Pack Silicone Makeup Sponge [Washable] Premium Quality – Gel Foundation Makeup and Puff BB – Best Silisponge Cosmetic…


Best Makeup Applicator

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Best Makeup Applicator

Ditch those messy traditional sponges and leverage our convenient, clear and highly-reusable accessory. This silicone makeup sponge minimizes makeup usage and still gives you the perfect results that you’re looking for. It is easy to use and looks like new after each wash.

All-purpose Quality Application

Applies and blends your blush, highlighter, foundation and concealer with utter perfection that makes your regular sponge look like a joke. The super-flexible material feels great on the skin and does not soak your makeup. You can find your way around small detail areas such as the mouth, face, and nose for an even application each time.

Get advanced quality with this release, and apply your makeup like a professional makeup artist – any day!

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