60 Colors Nail Art Tips Wraps Transfer Foil A* US SELLER * BUY2GET1FREE

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How to order: Select Each Number then add to cart and Please pay altogether and DO NOT pay separately. IF YOU BUY 2 SHEETS AND YOU WILL GET 1 SHEET

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How to order: Select Each Number then add to cart and Please pay altogether and DO NOT pay separately. IF YOU BUY 2 SHEETS AND YOU WILL GET 1 SHEET FOR FREE NO CONTAINER INCLUDEDPACKAGED IN PLASTIC BAG(MAKE SURE YOU KNOW NO CONTAINER INCLUDED AND PACKED IN PLASTIC BAG BEFORE YOU BUY)Size = Approx. 4cm x 30cm IF YOU BUY 2 SHEETS OF NAIL TRANSFER FOILS, YOU WILL GET 1 SHEETS FOR FREEBuy 2 same sets get 1 set Free (total: 3 sets)For example: If you buy 1 sheet of #2 and 1 sheet of #33, you will get TOTAL OF 3 SHEETS! (you can message us the number of freebie, otherwise, we will ship the free sheet in random) Package Included for 1 set: 60 sheets, If you buy 2 sets60 sheets x 2 =120 sheets + 60 sheets (free)Total: 180 sheets (3 sets)IF YOU BUY 2 SAME SETS OF 60PCS, YOU WILL GET 180PCS IN TOTAL!!! (MUST BE SAME SET, NO COMBINATION)Please message us the number of freebie after you placed the order, otherwise, we will ship the free one at random color!!Nail Art Transfer FoilSize = Approx. 4cm x 30cmTo Use: Paint one coat of black polish.Paint second coat of polish and let it dry for a few minutes until almost dry but still a bit tacky. A good test is to touch your polish and see if you still can leave finger prints on it. If so, gently press a small piece of foil (cut in advance) on the surface of your nails. Lift to check that it’s attached. If not, press a bit more. If somehow, your nail polish got stuck to the foil and lifts from the nail, press it back down and a wait a few seconds before lifting the foil.OR, you can use the nail glue (not included) for making the process easily. Nail art adhesive allows the foil to stick to your nail. Carefully paint each nail with the adhesive and wait for it to dry before applying the foil. The adhesive may be a milky color when it is wet, becoming clear as it dries. Drying takes three to five minutes. Once the adhesive is clear but tacky, firmly push the foil onto each nail, taking care to smooth out any bubbles. The nail foil should be shiny side up. Position the foil in the center of each nail, rub the foil to release it from its backing, and use a cotton bud to smooth the foil. Then, quickly pull the foil off.Repeat step 2 on all fingers. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look too perfect or if it lifted the polish in a few spots. Cover those patches with another piece of foil (do a second foil layer) or simply fill in the areas with polish.Before sealing your foil extravaganza with a top coat, wait at least 5 minutes for it to set. Then, carefully glide a top coat over without touching the surface of your nail with the brush. Once the first layer is dry, apply second layer. This time aiming to even out the bumpy nail surface. Done! No Box Included – Packed in plastic bag **Please note: Due to variations in computer back lighting and natural lighting elements, colors may appear slightly different than on-screen.**