2015 Tesla Model S P85D+ W/Authentic Ferrari Leather Interior

$73,000.00 (as of May 7, 2020, 3:49 pm)

FOR MORE PICTURES PLEASE CHECKOUT THE INSTAGRAM PAGE MADE JUST FOR THIS CAR https://www.instagram.com/gccd_p85d/ Although it has the old nose cone bumper on most pictures you can still see a

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FOR MORE PICTURES PLEASE CHECKOUT THE INSTAGRAM PAGE MADE JUST FOR THIS CAR https://www.instagram.com/gccd_p85d/ Although it has the old nose cone bumper on most pictures you can still see a ton of pics of it. https://www.instagram.com/goldencustomcreativedesigns/ Here’s another page which has many other Tesla’s that I have built in the past as well as other cars. FYI This listing got posted early somehow but I have all the parts available for a buyers dream to pick from several different build options. Disregard the quality of the pictures and the fact that in most the car isn’t clean. It will be about a week before you will actually see great photos with both bumpers painted and installed. The buyer can get as creative as they want picking and choosing from endless combinations. (Complete Unplugged Kit, Complete Revozport Widebody Kit, Complete Prior Design Widebody Kit/Aero Kit). I list some of the possibilities of choosing from side skirts , fenders flares, bumpers, etc to mix and match. I have included pictures of some of the different options I am giving potential buyers to choose from so you have an idea the potential of what the car looks like with the different bumpers, and kits. It allows buyers to see the endless possibilities of certain builds. I will not be able to have pictures of my Tesla with some kits like any widebody kits, until a buyer decides to purchase the car with the build of their choice. You will see pictures of the current kit which includes a Tesla OEM Facelift Bumper with a Complete Carbon Fiber Unplugged Performance Body Kit and also with the Prior Design Bumper once it’s finished being painted. It will take about a week or two too finish certain builds a buyer may choose, but I will also allow the buyer to decide what colors they would want the emblems, and basically any chrome parts as well as certain parts of the prior design bumper which will be black but can be accented with other colors. In the pics of the white prior design they used black in certain areas to accent the white bumper. Chrome delete is already included unless the buyer prefers to leave the chrome. It will also have a full ceramic detail before the buyer picks up the car. *The Buy it Now Price of $75,000 includes the current kit installed at the moment which is the Tesla OEM Bumper ad UP CF Body Kit and includes the Carbon Fiber Hood and or Revozport Spoiler/UP Spoiler. I break down a bunch of different options and mention that you can deduct $1,500 for the Revozport Front Splitter and or UP Front Spoiler as well as $1,500 for the Carbon Fiber hood. The main photo is either the Prior Design Bumper not finished being painted yet or the Tesla OEM Facelift Bumper as I switch the main photos between the 2 Bumpers on it with the Full UP Carbon Fiber Kit that’s currently installed. Up for sale 2014/2015 Tesla Model S P85D+ (+ = Performance Plus Suspension $10K Upgrade) with a manufacture date of 12/2014, so basically a 2015. One of the most extensive customizing out of any Tesla in the WORLD! Has OVER $200K invested and Over $100K in Aftermarket Upgrades. Original MSRP was $125K before the entire interior car was gutted, spending months in the shop just to complete the entire interior. Everything was replaced with Authentic Ferrari Two-Tone Leather with Black Diamond Stitched Seats matching the interior of a Ferrari 458. It was completely customized by Unplugged Performance with a Full Unplugged Performance Body Kit to compliment the Ferrari interior throughout the entire car including; All Side Door Panels, Dash, Center Console, and Armrests. Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser, UP Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, UP Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler, and a Revozport Carbon Fiber Front Splitter. Carbon Fiber Seat backs plus lots of other Carbon Fiber Parts all in Dry/Matte Carbon Fiber instead of Gloss. Unplugged Performance Upgraded Custom Headlights with Black Inserts and UP custom Logo in the Headlights, costing $4K to upgrade. Unplugged Performance 3 Piece Carbon Fiber BBS Rims with Brushed Aluminum Lips, Anodized Red Hardware and Cherry Red Translucent Top Coat. With a total cost of over $10K for these one of one, ever made rims.It comes with every upgrade from Tesla besides Sub Zero Package, however it still has heated front seats, UP BBS Rims were installed instead of 21 inch Turbines and has a Solid Roof instead of a Sunroof which I actually prefer especially when I’m living in Arizona. Car has so many aftermarket options is almost impossible to list all of them. You also have the option to choose from 3 different rims all with a different style and color. However it’s being designed based around the Custom BBS Rims and will have Red Chrome Vinyl Accents to match the rims. Here are some of the Wheel options available; 1. 21′ Carbon Fiber BBS Rims Custom Powder Coated- $12K w/brand new Michelin PSS Tires 2. 21′ Forgiato Maglia Rims Custom Powder Coated White and Black $9K w/brand new Michelin PSS Tires 3. 21′ Avant Garde SR10 Rims and Tires $9K w/almost new Michelin PSS Tires.Options from Tesla;*85kWh Battery 322 Miles of Range*Solid Black Exterior *Ultra High Fidelity Sound System*Insane Mode and Insane Plus (0-60 mph in under 3 seconds!) It’s the fastest P85D or P85DL recorded using a dragy and is faster than all P90DL’s Pre-Facelift as well.*Summon Feature- (Car can Parallel Park Itself, Move Forward or Reverse without you in the car while avoiding cars, people, kids, etc)*Keyless Entry (Both Keys included of Course)*GPS Enabled Homelink*Smart Air Suspension (Has 4 different ride heights to choose from allowing the car to raise or lower)*Black Leather Next Generation Seats (Rear seats that are only found in newer P100DL’s that have separators between them vs the cheap flat rear seats)*Battery Range Upgrade*Dual Drive Motors*Fog Lamps*Performance Dual Motor Package*Premium Interior Lighting*Bluetooth, Google Maps and Audio Streaming for Life- (No longer Offered Anymore, New Buyers will Pay Monthly Subscription Fee)*Carbon Fiber Decor *Tech Package*Autopilot with Convenience Features*Premium Interior Package*Parcel Shelf*Heated Seats*Supercharger Enabled*Red Brake Calipers*Solid Body Color Roof- (No longer an Option)*Unlimited Supercharging for Life. No longer offered.**Costs For Aftermarket Upgrades**Authentic Ferrari Two-Tone Black and Tan Leather Seats with Black Stitching Throughout; Front and Rear Diamond Stitched Seats Across Almost the Entire Seats (extremely time consuming and expensive but matches the 458 Ferrari)w/added padding for more comfort; Ferrari Tan Leather Lower Dash; Ferrari Black Leather Upper Dash; Black and Tan Ferrari Leather Side Door Panels; Ferrari Tan Leather Center Console with Black Ferrari Leather Armrest and White Alcantara Headliner: *Cost: $35,000Complete UP Carbon Fiber Body Kit*UP DRY CF Side Skirts: $3,000 *UP DRY CF Diffuser: $4,490*UP DRY CF Rear Spoiler: $1,999 (Discontinued)*UP Custom Headlights: $4,000*UP Facelift Front Spoiler in CF or FRP: $1,695 or $895 before Paint (Shown In Main Picture)+Does Not Include Price of Installation *Revozport DRY CF Front Splitter: $2,000If you like a wide body look with Fender Flares I am giving the opinion of adding Revozport’s Matte/Dry Carbon Fiber Side Skirts and Fender Flares (Retails for $2,600 not including paint or install) with the Revozport Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser (Retail $2,000). Plus there is the option of doing the most sought after Full Widebody Prior Design Kit, which retails for $22K-$24K and costs around $10K too paint and install; It includes Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Side Skirts, Fender Flares, and Rear Spoiler. If an owner wants this option I will be having the Front Bumper Spoiler and Rear Diffuser and Side Splitters of the Rear Bumper hydro dipped in Carbon Fiber. Tons of Extra Carbon Fiber Additions:Carbon Fiber Rear Appliqué: $600Carbon Fiber B-Pillars: $600Carbon Fiber T-Badge: $225Carbon Fiber V-Stripe: $500Carbon Fiber Door Handles: $100Carbon Fiber Side Markers:$100Carbon Fiber Hood $2,000Carbon Fiber Seat backs: $1,450Unplugged Performance Lowering Brackets: $500 (optional, I can remove them if you would rather not have it lowered)Lowering Links: $200 (These are also optional and are only for owners who are looking to have the car slammed in the lowest setting. It has air suspension so you are still able to raise it to 4 different levels to avoid scraping).Here are some of the different options/combinations of Bumpers and Kits an owner could potentially choose from. If you would rather save $1,500 I can remove the Carbon Fiber hood and put the Tesla OEM hood back on.1.Tesla Facelift Bumper with UP Full Body Kit and Revozport Front Splitter and or UP Front Spoiler CF:Forgiato Rims $75KAvant Garde Rims $77KCarbon Fiber BBS Rims $78K(Without Revozport Front Splitter or UP Spoiler minus $1,500)2.Prior Design Bumper with Current UP Body Kit Installed and Red Chrome Vinyl Accents:Forgiato Rims $85KAvant Garde Rims $87KCarbon Fiber BBS Rims $88K3.Tesla Oem Facelift Bumper with Revozport Matte Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit which includes the Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser and Carbon Fiber Side Skirts with Fender Flares (Stage 2 Revozport Kit $6,500 not including paint and install $4K)Forgiato Rims $80KAvant Garde Rims $82KCarbon Fiber BBS Rims $83K4.Prior Design Bumper with Revozport rear diffuser, and side skirts with fender flares Forgiato Rims $87KAvant Garde Rims $89KCarbon Fiber BBS Rims $90K5.Prior Design Full Aero Kit (Retail $13K-14K not including install and paint)Forgiato Rims $92KAvant Garde Rims $94KCarbon Fiber BBS Rims $95K Last Picture Shown. The most sought after kit for any Tesla Model S!6.Prior Design Widebody Kit Retails for $22K-24K not including install and paint=$10K) Forgiato Rims $100KAvant Garde Rims $102KCarbon Fiber BBS Rims $103K PRIVATE SELLER PAY NO SALES TAX IN ARIZONA! This P85D is capable of doing 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and consistently does 3 seconds 0-60mph 1ft. They are advertised as being capable of 3.2 seconds but this one is faster than all P85D’s with ludicrous as well as P90DL’s pre-facelift. I actually have videos from dragy that I will post a link too, since most never believe the times it’s capable of. https://youtu.be/r4NLKDjDwjgHere are some links to show you the prices for the different kits etchttps://unpluggedperformance.com/product/unplugged-performance-refresh-front-fascia-system/https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/unplugged-performance-side-skirts-tesla-model-s/https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/unplugged-performance-rear-spoiler-diffuser-system/https://unpluggedperformance.com/product-category/model-s-products/model-s-products-2012-2016/model-s-exterior-2012-2016-5/https://www.amazon.com/R-Zentric-Fender-Skirt-Tesla-Facelift/dp/B06Y5VYLTZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?keywords=revozport+Tesla+model+s&qid=1576567464&sr=8-7https://www.amazon.com/R-Zentric-Complete-Aerokit-Tesla-MattCF/dp/B06Y2KM7D8/ref=mp_s_a_1_14?keywords=revozport+Tesla+model+s&qid=1576566630&sr=8-14https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tesla-S-Prior-Design-PDS1000-Aerodynamique-Corps-Kit/174073107825?hash=item288790d571:g:3z0AAOSwOMdZVfrAhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/Tesla-S-Prior-Design-PDS1000-Wide-Aerodynamic-Body-kit/173991630434?hash=item2882b59662:g:mpQAAOSwyWZZVf

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