2016 Tesla Model X Performance, Ludicrous

$79,890.00 (as of March 30, 2020, 6:02 pm)

Smoking HOT! Signature 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL VIN 420! The only one which will ever be made! We are not professional car sellers, and this is the only Ebay

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Smoking HOT! Signature 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL VIN 420! The only one which will ever be made! We are not professional car sellers, and this is the only Ebay car listing we have ever done, however we have been active on Ebay for DECADES! Check our thousands of feedbacks on Ebay. We know Ebay scams VERY WELL. This is the SIGNATURE, (among the first few ever made), Tesla Model X P90D, (dual motor, all wheel drive), with the LUDICROUS upgrade. This vehicle has VIN number 420, and there will never be another! This car cost $145,000 new, and was used by a senior couple (us), and was our daily driver, although we have another car, (currently a Model 3). This is a very well-made Model X, and has experienced very few mechanical problems. There were two warranty repairs: (1) Like many early MXs, the front half shaft needed to be replaced, and was under warranty. (2) For some reason, the tiny front door windows (stationary), were replaced under a recall. I guess there was a sealing problem, but I did not notice it. One owner, well loved, accident free, never smoked in, (nonsmoking family), and always garage parked. This is one of the FIRST Model Xs. It has had all its annual services and is up to date at the Tesla service center with history available. The interior is in good condition, and this particular car has the cabin HEPA air filtration update. Selling it to get another one. This car is in great condition and is a joy to drive. It is a very safe vehicle, with a total of 12 airbags! Features: Wheel locks! Tinted windows (30%). Includes Tesla OEM tire sealer/compressor. Includes the (unused) towing package. Includes a set, (minus front trunk), of OEM optional floor mats (made by WeatherTech). I include the original carpet floor mats, which the WeatherTech mats replaced. In addition, this car has an INSTALLED Blackvue model 750S front AND REAR HD dashcam! White seats and black interior, performance package, adjustable suspension, red brake calipers, adjustable (smart) air suspension, subzero weather package, metallic silver paint, autopilot, black alcantara headliner, figured ash wood decor, six seat interior, ultra high fidelity sound package (9 speakers), 20″ silver wheels, premium upgrades package, high amperage charger upgrade. *****Free supercharging forever (free supercharging goes with this car to ANY owner). Drop-in Front Console with drink holders, six seat interior, HEPA air filtration, self presenting doors, white leatherette seats, fully loaded with factory warranty – 4 years bumper to bumper and 8 years battery and drivetrain. New tires on Jan 10, 2019. Less than 8,000 miles on these new tires. Dents/dings? Yes, we got a small dent on the body near the passenger side rear wheel. It must have come from a car door, it was so small I didn’t notice it for awhile. Anyway, I took it to the dent guy and he removed it. Gone!! Also: Back when the car was new, the Falcon Wing (FW) doors would sometimes open randomly. The software is MUCH better nowadays! The driver-side FW door opened in the garage and I activated the garage door opener without checking. A part of the garage door made a scratch on the top of the FW door, in the paint. It has been professionally repaired, but you can still see the remnants of the scratch if you know exactly where to look. I have included before and after photos. Paint? Remarkably chip-free! Glass? Yes, some small nicks, I photographed the most obvious of them. Two small seat issues. The driver’s seat has developed a small, uh, defect? The very top layer of the leatherette has come off in a very tiny area. Photo included. Also, the second-row passenger side seat was snagged (torn). It was professionally repaired by the top local vinyl guy, but it left a little (dimple?) in the material. You normally would not notice it. Photo included. Differences between this car and a brand new MX? YES! Several! Obvious: Silver color paint is no longer available! The seats are covered with PERFORATED white leatherette. This was to facilitate the heated AND COOLED front seats which are no longer available! Also, there is a different FW door switch and AC charging cable. The current production charge cable will charge at no more than 32 amps. This car has the 40 amp charge cable, 20% more. In addition, the onboard AC charger will do 80 amps, the current production car chargers will do only 48 amps. This is really good if you regularly charge from Tesla wall chargers, which can provide up to 80 amps!! In addition, the front and second row seats have the gorgeous, GLOSSY black seatbacks! Current production seatbacks are flat black. More? Yes! This car has the automatically raising and lowering rear spoiler, (Tesla calls this active spoiler), which does not move on current production models. Pay? You can come here in person and pick it up and pay in cash or personal check, we will go cash it in YOUR bank and you can take possession immediately. Personal checks will take plenty of time to clear. Same with all other means of payment. Paypal accepted. If you have any questions contact us through Ebay. Need additional photos? Just ask. Ebay photo limit is 24. Vehicle is located in Colorado Springs, CO. If you would like to view the vehicle in person contact us for an appointment. Come pick up the car in person, drive it home! (Free supercharging). We will go out to eat together and we will discuss everything about this fabulous car. Track Page Views WithAuctiva’s FREE Counter

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