Floerns Women’s Porcelain Print Work Sheath Business Pencil Dress

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Size Chart:

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Size Chart:

Shoulder(inch): XS:13.78, S:14.17, M:14.57, L:14.96, XL:15.35, XXL:15.74
Bust(inch): XS:30.51, S:32.09, M:33.66, L:35.24, XL:36.82, XXL:38.40
Waist Size(inch): XS:24.41-32.28, S:25.98-33.86, M:27.56-35.43, L:29.13-37.01, XL:30.70-38.59, XXL:32.28-40.16
Hip Size(inch): XS:32.28, S:33.86, M:35.43, L:37.01, XL:38.59, XXL:40.16
Length(inch): XS:42.13, S:42.52, M:42.91, L:43.31, XL:43.70, XXL:44.09
Sleeve Length(inch): XS:8.66, S:9.06, M:9.45, L:9.84 , XL:10.23 , XXL:10.62

Shoulder(inch): XS:14.57, S:14.96, M:15.35, L:15.75, XL:16.14, XXL:16.54
Bust(inch): XS:30.51, S:33.07, M:34.65, L:36.22, XL:37.79, XXL:39.36
Waist Size(inch): XS:24.80, S:26.38, M:27.95, L:29.53, XL:31.11, XXL:32.68
Hip Size(inch): XS:34.25, S:35.83, M:37.40, L:38.98,XL:40.56, XXL:42.13
Length(inch): XS:39.37, S:39.76, M:40.16, L:40.55, XL:40.94, XXL:41.33
Sleeve Length(inch): XS:5.31, S:5.71, M:6.10, L:6.50, XL:6.91, XXL:7.30

Shoulder(inch): XS:14.17, S:14.57, M:14.96, L:15.35
Bust(inch): XS:30.71, S:32.28, M:33.86, L:35.43
Waist Size(inch): XS:24.80, S:26.38, M:27.95, L:29.53
Hip Size(inch): XS:31.10, S:32.68, M:34.25, L:35.83
Length(inch): XS:40.94, S:41.34, M:41.73, L:42.13
Sleeve Length(inch): XS:13.78, S:14.17, M:14.57, L:14.96

Shoulder(inch): XS:13.98, S:14.37, M:14.76, L:15.16
Bust(inch): XS:29.13, S:30.70, M:32.28, L:33.86
Waist Size(inch): XS:22.44, S:24.02, M:25.59, L:27.17
Hip Size(inch): XS:29.53, S:31.10, M:32.68, L:34.25
Length(inch): XS:38.19, S:38.58, M:38.98, L:39.37
Sleeve Length(inch): XS:22.44, S:22.83, M:23.23, L:23.62
Specil thin lightweight fabric, please wear light color underwear, when you wear this white dress
Notice: This dress size runs small , if you like loose style please order one size up.
Special porcelain printed pattern, some dress might print asymmetry on back, it’s normal
Fabric has stretch, hand-wash.
Any return or quality problems will be solved well by just mailing us.

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